In limited circumstances, it may be appropriate for a court to set aside a final judgment or a conjugal transaction agreement. This may be the case if, within one year of the final judgment, you will find that your ex-spouse did not disclose all the financial information he or she had to disclose under Florida family law, or if there was fraud, misrepresentation or other misconduct committed by a spouse at the time of the marriage contract. If a court overturns a final judgment or a conjugal transaction agreement, the judgment or agreement is considered inconclusive and the parties must either renegotiate a new marital transaction contract or initiate proceedings before a judge on all matters. Final judgments on the dissolution of the marriage are recorded by the court after a trial before a judge or after voluntarily entering into a marriage conciliation agreement. Most family law cases are resolved by parties who have entered into an agreement through mediation or negotiation of an agreement directly between them with the help of their lawyer. In general, these agreements deal with all the issues raised at the time of the dissolution of the matrimonial case; such as the distribution of marital assets and liabilities, time allocation and education plans, child care, alimony and legal fees. At some point after the final judgment is issued, you may need to amend or amend a financial obligation or part-time agreement as part of your final judgment, marital transaction contract or education plan. If z.B. you are unable to meet your financial obligations or if there has been an evolution with your child that requires changes in your parenting plan, a change may be necessary to make the necessary changes.

To obtain a change, you must either enter into a new agreement with the opposing party, which is approved by the court, or you must receive a new court order through an evidenty hearing. If the court has ratified the marital transaction treaty, it becomes a court order. If one of the parties does not comply with the agreement, that party violates a court order. If the party does not follow the fair share (distribution of assets and liabilities) of the marriage contract, the only recourse of the other party is to apply for the application of the agreement and hope that the opportunity to exploit the legal fees and the judge`s anger will frighten the other party to respect the terms of the agreement. Unfortunately, the judge cannot maintain the non-compliant party in the “disdain” of a court decision, as it is contrary to the public policies of the State of Florida to imprison individuals for debts, and the fair allocation premium is considered a debt. An undisputed divorce is a divorce in which the parties accept the comparison in advance. Arguments are still necessary, but the marital transaction contract is concluded without judicial intervention. An undisputed divorce is generally quicker and less costly than a controversial divorce. The petition for the dissolution of the marriage has yet to be filed, but the other party may waive the right to respond by not admitting or denying the charges. The procedure service may also be cancelled if the respondent agrees to accept the service and the parties can then reduce the cost of distributing the documents. Full disclosure is always required of both parties, including a sworn statement filed in court and an exchange of mandatory information, including 3 years of tax return, and 3 months of returns representing the assets and commitments of the parties.


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