Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs) is becoming increasingly popular with companies to achieve their renewable energy goals. Here is the 101 on VPPAs for anyone exploring this option for the first time on behalf of their company. With a synthetic AAE, there is no physical supply of electricity to the buyer`s charging centers. In fact, the buyer will continue to pay his electricity bills, as they always do. A virtual AAE is a purely financial agreement that serves as a hedge for electricity prices. In addition, the buyer receives Renewable Energy Credits (RECS) under the VPPA, which allows the buyer to claim rights to their greenhouse gas reductions and the purchase of renewable energy. Those with a financial background will recognize this structure as a differential contract (CFD) or a fixed financial swap using floats. Business buyers are responsible for more than 50% of the allocation of renewable energy. They are a key player in transforming clean energy into a general good in some of the world`s largest economies. When a company decides to follow an AAE, the two most common options are a physical or virtual AAE. With a physical AAE – as the name suggests – the company or a designated third party takes possession of the physical energy at a specific delivery point of the electrical grid. The physical energy can then be transferred from that indicated delivery point to the company`s energy account or meter.

Another aspect that benefits the buyer and the larger market is additionality. This involves adding a new sustainable electricity source to the existing grid. Yes, absolutely. Virtual contracts to purchase electricity have changed the space for clean energy. As I said above, they opened doors for small businesses who thought that only the World`s Google, Amazon and Microsoft had the muscle to meet the CO2 offset challenge. Renewable energy certificates are negotiable and non-tangible energy raw materials in the United States, which prove that 1 megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from an eligible renewable (renewable energy) source and injected into the common system of power lines carrying energy. Renewable energy quotas offer a mechanism for purchasing renewable energy added to the electricity grid and extracted from the electricity grid. Electricity supply agreements, particularly VPPa, can cause internal accounting problems. Although we cannot offer accounting advice in this blog, there are many structurings and executions of all kinds of organizations.

We advise you to discuss the impact on accounting at an early stage with your accountant to ensure good internal accounting treatment. LevelTen Energy has developed its dynamic matching engine to solve this problem. The engine analyzes all data from the LevelTen Marketplace – a vast database of more than 1,600 renewable energy projects across North America – to identify the best projects (or portfolios) based on the needs of each buyer. Thanks to the power of data science, LevelTen Energy can discover a project that meets a company`s needs in terms of size, price, risk, timing, location and other factors, whether they work alone or with other buyers. Step 3: After the construction period, the developer begins to sell the energy produced in the electricity market. Now, remember, the buyer of the company has agreed to pay a fixed price for renewable energy; The developer (including the seller) is subject to variable market prices.


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