Mikey can be included in the minutes of the meeting. Currently, the integration of MIKEY into SIP/SDP and RTSP in KMASDP is defined.13 Mikey can use other transport, in which case it is necessary to define how MIKEY is transported via such a transport protocol. . B A SIP-based call between two parties may be desirable for security to be established by mutual agreement or for each party to establish security for its own outflows. In general, the key DH agreement method is used more (both in terms of calculation and bandwidth) than previous ones and requires quotas as in the case of the public key. However, it has the advantage of offering perfect forward secrecy (PFS) and flexibility in allowing implementation in several finite groups. On the other hand, we have the keys to the meeting: there are potentially many and there are no restrictions on their use. This also involves, of course, running them as an input for potentially uncertain algorithms. Meeting keys are also data that are inherently volatile, but their use depending on their destination may not be so simple in practice.

Given all this, it is advisable to assume that entire meeting keys may actually be compromised during or after their use. Therefore, a PAKE should ensure that such disclosure does not violate its security. In particular, this should not leak password information. This is called the warranty of the known meeting key. Let G designate a large cyclical multiplication group with generator for a fixed cyclic group. This method creates a DH key that is used as TGK. This method is only used to create a single peer-to-peer key and not a group key. The initiator sends a message to the Responder that offers a safe way to give the answering machine the DH value of the initiator.

The DH value must be random/pseudorandome and be selected in secret according to the security protocol settings. The signature covers the initiator`s MIKEY message using the initiator`s signature key. The answering machine then returns a message securely to transmit the ANSWERing machine`s DH value to the initiator. The value of the DH must also be random/pseudorandome and selected in secret. A time stamp contained in the initial initiator message corresponds to the time stamping of the answering machine message. The answering machine signature covers the answering machine`s MIKEY message using the answering machine`s signature key. Crypto-session (CS) is a one-way or two-way media stream. A CS is protected by a single instance of a data security protocol. We have already mentioned that offline dictionary attacks have an impact on authentication; Now back to that.

As explained above, a PAKE protocol cannot leak a single bit of password information. This means that no mechanism can be available to ensure that the correct password is used by the other party directly at both ends of the protocol. For example, the password cannot fill out an equation that can be verifiable effectively, which is, by chance, the error of the dummy protocol in fig. e49.5.C`s exactly how a digital signature scheme works, and the decisive difference is that the long-term secret is cryptographically strong. That`s the method behind STS. Multimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY) is another key exchange protocol for SRTP defined in RFC 3830.12 It is primarily designed for peer-to-peer, simple 1-to-many and small (interactive) groups.


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