II. The President and President of the Vise of the Republic of Cyprus may, by mutual agreement, ask the Greek and Turkish authorities to increase or reduce the Greek and Turkish contingents. Prime Minister, I am deeply concerned by the information that Ambassador Hare has given me from you and your Foreign Minister that the Turkish Government is considering a decision to intervene by military force to occupy part of Cyprus. I would like to stress, in all friendship and frankness, that I do not think that such action by Turkey, which has such important consequences, is compatible with your government`s obligation to give us advice in advance. Ambassador Hare indicated that you delayed your decision by a few hours to get my opinion. Personally, I would like to tell you whether you really think it is appropriate for your government to present a unilateral decision of this importance to an ally who, over the years, has shown as strong support as the United States for Turkey. The first thing I have to ask you to do is to take responsibility for a full consultation with the United States before such action is taken. I have the impression that you think that this intervention by Turkey is permissible by the provisions of the 1960 guarantee contract. I must draw your attention, however, to the fact that we are clearly aware that the intervention proposed by Turkey would serve to create a form of division of the island, a solution expressly excluded by the guarantee contract. In addition, the treaty requires consultation with the guarantor powers. The United States considers that the possibility of such a consultation is not exhausted in this situation and that, therefore, the reserve of the right to unilateral measures is not yet applicable.

I must also draw your attention to NATO`s commitments, Prime Minister. There is no doubt in your doubt that a Turkish intervention in Cyprus would lead to military intervention between Turkish and Greek forces. At the last meeting of the NATO Council of Ministers in The Hague, Foreign Minister Rusk said that a war between Turkey and Greece should be seen as literally unthinkable. The commitment to NATO essentially means that NATO countries will not go to war. Germany and France have buried centuries of hostility and hostility to become NATO allies; There is nothing less to expect from Greece and Turkey.


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