4.8 Restrictions for Adobe Runtime. The customer cannot use Adobe Runtimes on a non-PC device or with an embedded or device version of an operating system. For the avoidance of doubt and only for example, Customer may not use Adobe Runtimes on (a) mobile devices, use electronic billboards, telephones, telephones, game consoles, televisions, DVD players, media centers (with the exception of Windows XP Media Center Edition and its successors), electronic billboards or other digital billboards, Internet devices or other Internet-connected devices, PDAs, medical devices, ATMs, telematics, slot machines, slot machines, home machines, kiosks, remote controls or other consumer electronic devices; (b) operator-based mobile, cable, satellite or television systems; or (c) another device for closed systems. For more information about licensing Adobe Runtimes, see www.adobe.com/go/licensing. 7.5 Peer-Assisted Networking Technology. Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR provide the ability to link to an Adobe server or service and enable direct communication between two Adobe Runtime clients or connect an Adobe Runtime client as part of a peer or distribution network that makes some of your assets directly available to other participants, for example.B network tape. Before joining such a peer or distributed network, you will have the opportunity to accept such connectivity. You can manage network settings by peers using the Flash Player Settings Manager. For more information about using the Settings Manager, see settings.adobe.com/flashplayer/mobile. For more information about peer networking, see www.adobe.com/go/RTMFP. “Software” means (a) all content of files (provided electronically or on physical media) or other media with which this Agreement is provided, computer or software information of Adobe or third parties, including Adobe Reader® (“Adobe Reader”), Adobe AIR® (“Adobe AIR”) and Adobe Flash® Player (together Adobe AIR and Flash Player are the “Adobe Runtimes”); (ii) explainable documents or files (“Documentation”); and (iii) fonts; and (b) updates, modified versions, updates, additions, and copies of the foregoing are provided at any time by Adobe (together “Updates”). 16.6 Font Software.

If the software contains font software: 7.7 Use of Adobe online services. If your device is connected to the Internet, the software may facilitate your access to content and services hosted on websites operated by Adobe or its affiliates (“Adobe Online Services”) without further notice and on a temporary or regular basis. Examples of these Adobe Online services may be, but are not limited to: Acrobat.com. In some cases, an Adobe online service may be displayed as a feature or extension in the software, even though it is hosted on a website. In some cases, access to an Adobe online service may require a separate subscription or other fee to access it, and/or your addition to additional terms of use. Adobe Online Services may not be available in all languages or for residents of all countries, and Adobe may change or adjust the availability of Adobe Online Services at any time and for any reason. Adobe also reserves the right to charge a fee for accessing or using an Adobe online service that was previously offered free of charge. If your device is connected to the Internet, the software may update downloadable materials from these Adobe online services without additional notice to ensure the immediate availability of these Adobe online services even when you are offline. If the software establishes a connection to the Internet, no personally identifiable information is sent unless IP addresses can be considered personally identifiable in certain jurisdictions..

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