The first shock was the Turkish military coup of 1980. After the coup d`état, the European trade union movement, active in the European Parliament, launched a campaign which culminated, on 22 January 1982, in the suspension of the Ankara Agreement. The alienation of the European Parliament from Turkey was aggravated by the adoption of the 1982 Constitution, supported by the military authorities. Until 1987, the EP issued 11 resolutions on the new regime established by the Constitution, calling it “repressive” and “insufficient to guarantee fundamental human rights”. BACKGROUND: It is of general understanding that Turkey has been waiting at Europe`s doorstep since its application for full membership of the European Community in 1987. Indeed, for the past 50 years, the country has been a latent member of the European Union (EU) and has been waiting for a real commitment from both European elites and internal political elites in order to obtain full membership status. The Ankara Agreement signed in 1963 is formally an “association agreement”, but the enthusiasm aroused at the time by the Turkish demand brought the European political elite to the point of embarking on an irrevocable path. The Ankara Agreement was signed in Ankara on September 12, 1963. [2] The Agreement launched a three-stage process to establish a customs union to ensure Turkey`s full membership of the EEC. After its creation, the customs union would begin with the integration of the economic and trade policy that the EEC considered necessary. An important element of this plan was the creation of a “customs union” to allow Turkey to trade goods and agricultural products without restrictions with EC countries. Since the signing of the Ankara Agreement in 1963, the enlargement of the EU vis-à-vis Turkey has developed in a volatile dynamic. Although the agreement confirmed Turkey`s ability to become a full member, the experience gained over the past 50 years shows that Turkey`s case amounts to a “failure of enlargement”, given that the lack of genuine commitment and a clear prospect of accession dilutes the process.

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