The 1st Law went into effect on July 2, 2017, and in 2018, all localities that currently manage VSMPs will be required to implement and manage a Virginia Erosion and Water Management Program (VESMP). Washington, D.C: The Water and Sewer Authority has begun issuing environmental bonds, an innovative new financing mechanism. Proceeds from the first $25 million loan sold to private investors will be used to build nature-based rainwater management practices in Rock Creek sewers. Payments to investors depend on the effectiveness of the practices installed in relation to the reduction of flows. The VSMP encourages the use of LIDs, regional and watershed approaches, and non-structural natural resources to control rainwater. Water quality limit values for discharges from municipal sewerage systems in urbanised areas are set either by a municipal system of separate drainage pipes (MS4) or by a combined sewer system (CSS). Municipalities in Virginia equipped with MS4 are implementing rainwater upgrade programs to meet permit-specific maximum daily loads (TDGLs) related to local watersheds and/or the Chesapeake Bay. In addition, MS4 localities and localities that opt for an “opt-in” are required to manage the VSMP in order to develop and re-develop the MSV (water flow and quality). Localities regulate swm & water quality through regulations (zoning, subdivision, erosion and sediment control, Chesapeake Bay, SWM), MS4 permits, Chesapeake Bay action plans and other policy documents. SWM`s modern planning integrates resilience into the landscape with natural and natural practices with the virginia runoff reduction method to reduce rainwater flow and restore the hydrological function of developed areas. Ex. Norfolk, VA Department of Public Works Keep your rainwater fee program Saturday`s board of trustees is set to consider an agreement with Arlington Public Schools to build a rainwater vault under the sports fields at Reed Elementary School in Westover.

“In order for the Phase 1 work to be completed in time for the school to be opened as planned, this funding agreement is immediately necessary,” Durán wrote. . . .


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