It was very easy to opt for Bsnl ftth, I had applied it on February 1st and in 10 days they installed the device and the configuration was ready, more than how much extra fees you are talking about, I only paid 3800, the modem, security and the 1st month of bill and the modem price is included Rs2500, which is refundable after I handed the modem to her I recently opted for the ADSL connection, since ftth is not available in my hometown. The claims were 8 Mbps, but I barely get 1.5 Mbps. Even a random downtime of a few hours. Total loss of money and time. Several complaints, but no solution. It will disconnect. Airtel 4g Sim Card will give better speed and service. I have very good experiences with bsnl FTTH.they gave connection in the flood-affected area during this flood season, when all the essential items were not available in my area, but bsnl as maintained their network and data at high speed. Thank God I can now do WFH. I paid 5000 k.break up 2800 have + 849 deposit + and the rest for cable and installation. I subscribe to BSNL ftth in 2019 for the 100mbps line. Day 1 until today, the speed I get is 10-20mbps.

I tweeted about BSNL Corporate and registered complaints. But no response from the BSNL Pune office. They don`t care about detaching. The contractor who has implemented has no idea how he can fix it. URLs are the most important for which BSNL makes it easy to request an FTTH connection online. I tried to request the connection via the main navigation (below) which is done directly from the bsnl main page. When I got tired of this procedure, I got upset, and then they asked me to call in 197. This number is only available from BSNL phones, even if they say the rest. Since I didn`t have a BSNL SIM and hadn`t set up my fixed network via the ftth connection (I took the connection only for the Internet), I had to call my friend`s number in 197. .



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