Today we are going to look at some English collocations. The correct use of “compliance” collocations is an essential part of improving your level of English and increasing your IELTS score. The correct use of collocations + examples of “agreement” phrases allows you to write and speak more like a native speaker, and they are also one of the things examiners pay attention to when marking your tests. The two parties have not yet reached an agreement, so they become PREP. By ~ Separation is done by mutual agreement. | I think we all agree that prices should be kept low. | I agree with you that it should be more responsible. | with ~ With the agreement of all the members of the club, we decided to organize a trip. | Teachers agree on the need for change. | ~ between There is no agreement between the two parties. | So far, there is no agreement on the policy. > Meeting Special Page refers to the wish that two or more people or organizations agree on something. This can also be said in the past, which means that an agreement has already been reached.

At the end of this article, you will learn 25 English collocations with COME. And remember that in English, a collocation is an arrangement of words that gives a special meaning. Of course, we could use other words to describe the same meaning, but we prefer to use collocation again and again. There are many collocations that contain the word concordance. These are some of the most popular. SENTENCES Breach of contract He sued the company for breach of contract. | the terms of the agreement The terms of the agreement do not allow such exports. Using the “Contract” collocation list improves your English, especially your knowledge of English, and increases your English vocabulary. This is something that the agreement should do or something that is expected to be done. This could relate, among other things, to what he believes should be written into the agreement if the agreement were to be finalised. ADJ. Draft The draft treaty will be available two weeks before the meeting.

| | The treaty is legally binding. | | informal, tacit, verbal | volunteers| definitive| bilateral, international, multilateral, national Ceasefire, loans, leases, peace, trade It can also mean that two or more entities agree that they will try to move forward and reach an agreement. . . .


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