If you have team members in different countries, language can be a barrier. “If you`re working in a global environment,” Fewell says, “one option is to have a work agreement that says, `Let`s agree to use English in meetings, but it`s normal to use Spanish, Hindi, or Japanese when discussing things offline.`” “This first meeting got off to a good start. While the SM mentioned that their team only needed a minimum of advice, as they were fine, they looked happy that I joined the team. The PO was new both in the company and in a PO role. Although she didn`t have an agile background, she was very excited to learn something about Agile and mentioned that she would welcome and appreciate any coaching that would help her set her up for success. We left the first meeting on a high note. I would say that the biggest success factor of the ongoing relationship with the Indian team has been humanization. After this meeting and with time, we began to engage on a deeper level, to have a personal interest in them, we asked what their weekend was and what they did to celebrate X-Fête. At the beginning of the stand-up, we tried different games to get everyone talking and we found that Trivia was very effective.

Not only were they engaged, but we also got to know the similarities we shared, because they too know who Bart Simpson is, how they are at least as smart, if not smarter than us, in global geography. After 8 months, I changed my position within my company.


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